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Site Survey & Selection

The selection of an ideal location and site forms the first step towards planning a successful new healthcare venture. Considering the specific domain requirements in the field of healthcare service provision, the identification of an ideal location is dependent on a variety of factors, that include but are not limited to, accessibility, catchment area, socio-economic profile, competing service providers, road and public transport network, ease of availability of human resource, financial outflow [cost of land] among various other macro and micro factors.

UniHealth Team provides assistance to undertake detailed surveys to determine the ideal location for a proposed project based on various identifiers that are related to the said project, in terms of the target patient base, proposed bed-strength and clinical specialties under consideration, accessibility factors, among others.

Financial Planning & Closure

A detailed financial planning to determine the required capital expenditure, operational expenditure, working capital requirements, expected revenues, break-even point and projected profitability is an important first step towards planning a healthcare project. The financial planning model opted for has to be a robust and dynamic model that considers and takes into account the multiple variables often encountered in a healthcare project.

UniHealth has a dedicated team of financial planners that can assist with comprehensive financial modelling and bankable feasibility reports to assist the stakeholders in their decision making process. Prior to breaking ground for the project, attaining financial closure forms an important landmark. UniHealth also provides assistance to prepare investment models, raise equity via partnerships with PE Funds, as well as obtain debts from banks and other financial institutions for healthcare projects, based on the requirements of the associated stakeholders.

Execution & Management

UniHealth provides end-to-end project management services, that entail and include conceptualization, site-survey and selection, financial planning, fund-raising, space programming, architectural designing, medical planning, execution and commissioning.


Collaboration with Ethiopian Air to launch the 'UniHealth - Ethiopian Air Medical Travel Program'

2014 - 2015

Best Medical Tourism Company of the Year 2014

Emerging Healthcare Company of the Year 2015

2016 - 2017

1st Medical Centre in 2016

1st Hospital in 2017

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