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Architectural Plans



Healthcare Architecture is more intricate among other architectural specialization in that it differs in the complexity of the functional relationships and technical needs of the hospital. Architects involved in building hospitals need to possess specialized domain knowledge. UniHealth has an experienced professional team, having accomplished design service delivery for hospital groups in India, Middle East and Africa. Patient-centric care and healing architecture form the basis of design for all projects undertaken by UniHealth, ensuring the practice “Function follows Form”, where priority is always accorded to user friendliness and safety.


The company strives to always ensure ease, economy and efficiency in all its projects. Keeping in mind the rising costs and environmental concerns, all our projects focus on energy conservation without compromising on functionality, making them successful ventures.

Key services provided by the UniHealth Team include:

  • Design Review & Conceptualization

  • Medical Campus Master Planning

  • Functional Planning of Medical Specialties

  • Architectural Design

  • Structural Design

  • MEP & HVAC Planning

  • Engineering Design

  • Interior Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Execution & Project Management Services

Architectural Services for a Healthcare Project are intricately entwined with Medical Planning & Functional Programming to ensure that the end-result, while being patient-centric, also provides ease of operational fluidity required to manage a successful hospital. UniHealth, by virtue of having professionals from both verticals, ensures that the project benefits from a comprehensive approach from the stage of conceptualization itself.


Collaboration with Ethiopian Air to launch the 'UniHealth - Ethiopian Air Medical Travel Program'

2014 - 2015

Best Medical Tourism Company of the Year 2014

Emerging Healthcare Company of the Year 2015

2016 - 2017

1st Medical Centre in 2016

1st Hospital in 2017

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